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Many Thanks to Outgoing VAN President Lisa Yeager!

Lisa has been a steady rock in volunteer engagement since 1990 – from Dovia (former professional organization) to Volunteer Administrators Network! In the past two years she has taken on the ro14195403_10209166524654520_2952088967803022040_ole as President and co-chaired a few of our annual conferences. She kept the team together with her thoughtful leadership style, Lisa ensured people are welcomed and encouraged to be part of VAN. She is always up for coffee chats, ready to share her 15+ years of volunteer management practices and smiling along the way. :)

She’s a colleague everyone can count on and a leader everyone wants! With that, Sound Generation picked up on her strengths and talents. Lisa is Sno-Valley Senior Center’s Director. I had an opportunity to visit and there were smiles all around, happy volunteers and growing programs! This is happening with Lisa’s leadership.

Below are a few comments shared by our colleagues. Feel free to reach out to Lisa and share your appreciation.

“Lisa was a mentor for me and I learned a lot from her about conference planning.  She is very calm and organized.” – Lindsey I.

“Lisa has been a consistent leader and advocate for local volunteer engagement professionals.   For years, new and veteran professionals have benefitted from her efforts with the annual VAN Conference, professional networking and website—linking to information and each other.   Her commitment to the field is steadfast and appreciated.” – Patrick T.

“Lisa was so welcoming when I started attending meetings two years ago and encouraged me to become part of the steering committee. She has been a constant for me with for VAN and she will be greatly missed.” – Paige S.

“Lisa is kind, thoughtful, and is always happy to answer questions about volunteer management!” – Sarah B.

“Always cheerful, generous with her time, hard working, but in a way that makes the work look so easy. Always friendly with everyone, dedicated to the world of volunteer management.. Hard to imagine our volunteer management community without her. Long term commitment to DOVIA, and to VAN. good leadership skills, always giving tasks to her board and committee, demonstrating her belief in sharing the responsibilities of serving.” – Jane D.H.

Lisa will still be involved with VAN, we won’t let her get off that easily! We appreciate you, Lisa! Thanks a bunch!

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