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2019 VAN Conference Workshops!

We are thrilled to announce that Amy Faulker, from The World is Fun will be joining us on Friday, September 27th as our Conference Keynote Speaker! Plus, we have 12 fantastic break-out sessions to choose from! 

If the non-profit section exists to create change why are we so afraid of it? How do we both embrace change and inspire it in others? In this keynote address, Amy Faulkner of The World is Fun will share experiences, stories, research, and strategies that are designed to help non-profit professionals embrace change and have fun doing so.



We have 12 fantastic workshops (one surprise TBA), lined up for our 2019 Conference! There will be three break-out session times, plus the keynote address. Stay tuned for the finalized schedule of events, and be sure to register ASAP by clicking here.

Volunteer Recruitment & Onboarding: Risk Management
Participants learn and discuss best practices and policy for volunteer recruitment and onboarding, using a risk management lens. This session includes a brief “what is risk management” primer, then delves into considerations, strategies and practices, with small-group sharing.
Presenter: Patrick Tefft, CVA, City of Kirkland

Exercising an Organization’s Mission and Values to Make Deeper Connections
This session will provide an overview of volunteer on-boarding considerations that promote retention and a case study for how volunteers can make deeper organizational connections, supporting an institution’s mission and strategic plan goals so that they can positively answer questions like:
• Do you feel you have a good understanding of the organization’s mission and values?
• Do you have a clear understanding of how your volunteer role supports our mission?
• Are you provided adequate resources and training to be successful in your role?
This session includes a group activity centered around networking and resource sharing.
Presenters: Jenny Woods & Danie Allinice, Seattle Art Museum

Volunteering as Healing for Mental Health: A Strategy in Volunteer Engagement
There is power in healing others, and being part of something bigger than oneself. Witness positive change being made in the systems that one struggled with is cathartic, and volunteering in an organization that is making these changes can be part of the healing and recovery process. As Volunteer Managers, how can we make volunteering with our organizations a healing experience? Attendees of this workshop will come away with a further understanding of the effects volunteering has in their volunteers’ lives and how they can make continuing to volunteer with an organization a cherished experience.
Presenter: Faarah Misbah, NAMI Seattle

How to Attract the Right Volunteers
In this session, Amy Faulkner will guide the group through interactive exercises to help you assess your volunteer recruitment program and discover new ways to attract volunteers to your organization. This session will cover where to look for volunteers, how to draft an enticing recruitment ad, and how to prepare your volunteer program for new volunteers.
Presenter: Amy Faulkner, The World is Fun

New Technology Horizons and What They Mean to Volunteer Engagement
Technology and how we use it is changing at a breathtaking pace but what will this mean for volunteer engagement in the next year or two, or three? How can we look ahead to identify the new opportunities this could bring to our volunteer engagement if we anticipate and plan ahead?  Is there a chance that some volunteers will be replaced by technology? If so, where should we resist change or where should we welcome it? The future is coming at us fast. This thought-provoking session will get you thinking about the future of the volunteer sector in a whole new light.
Presenter: Tony Goodrow, Better Impact

Extreme Makeover: Transforming Your Volunteer Engagement Efforts
What kind volunteer engagement effort do you dream of building? Do you think your volunteer engagement efforts need a little TLC? Does your program need a little refresher, like new paint, or new appliances? Perhaps your program needs some re-wiring or maybe a remodel? A simple renovation or perhaps even an extreme makeover? Join with your peers to assess your current volunteer engagement efforts, develop a vision for your ideal volunteer program, and explore strategies for tailoring your very own blueprint for success!
Presenter: Nikki Russell, CVA

White People Serving Communities of Color
White volunteers often enter communities of color with the best intentions, but with little understanding of how their presence may impact the community. We will dive into white savior complex, cultural humility and cultural responsiveness, gatekeeping, and intersectionality and how these elements can work together to turn good intentions into negative outcomes.
Presenters: Scott Rice and Cammie Carl, Seattle Goodwill

Corporate Volunteerism Programs
This break-out panel session is hosted by the Workplace Community Engagement Network (WCEN) of Puget Sound. Join us as we hear from local employers (Brighton Jones, King County, and Microsoft) about their employee volunteerism programs. You will have the chance to ask questions and learn more during an open Q&A.
Moderator: Alexia Klatt, United Way of King County
Panelists: Ashley Miller; EVO, Junelle Kroontje; King County, Melinda Anderson; Microsoft, Brittn Greyl; Providence, Laura Tarbutton; Brighton Jones

 Volunteer Accountability: Conflict Resolution and Difficult Conversations
As Volunteer Engagement Professionals, so much work is done to prevent “problem volunteers” from even entering the program. But what happens what a good volunteer goes rogue? Or when someone you thought was a good fit, couldn’t be worse for the position? Are you prepared to have the difficult conversations required to get to the bottom of the volunteers change in behavior? In this workshop, participants will be guided through the “do’s and do not’s” of conflict resolution, with role play activities designed to prepare you to navigate a difficult conversation with ease. Attendees will leave this workshop with tangible tools and, at least a few “aha!” moments.
Presenters: Alex Ropes; Amara, and Sarah Bustad; Congregation for the Homeless

Service Learning: In Search for a New Model
More professors and universities require their students to get hands-on experience volunteering in local communities than ever before. Students arrive at our organizations with a range of expectations, abilities to balance their new volunteer obligation with other responsibilities, and varied levels of preparedness. Volunteer Administrators often rush through onboarding so the student can finish their hours on-time. In this session, we will gather to exchange our experiences and best practices, and discuss ways to improve the outcomes of service learning for the communities we serve and the students.
Presenter: Ania Beszterda-Alyson, Seattle Public Schools

How to Keep Volunteers Interested and Involved
In this session, Amy Faulkner of The World is Fun will guide the group through some hands-on exercises designed to help you discover what your organization can do to help retain volunteers and develop a path for them to evolve within your organization. This session will cover common volunteer pitfalls and how to avoid them as well as how to support volunteers in their journey and how to navigate having a volunteer that simply isn’t a good fit for your program.
Presenter: Amy Faulkner, The World is Fun

Getting Your Mojo On: Tapping Your Professional Selves
As volunteer management professionals, we know the value we bring to our organizations, but we often neglect to give credit where credit is due.  The success of our volunteer engagement efforts is the result of the professional skills and talents we bring to our work.  How well do you know your personal and professional power and strength?  Join with your peers to explore your formidable professional skill set.   This session will explore “what it takes” to be an effective manager of volunteers.  Get to know your professional strengths, as well as weaknesses.  Identify areas for continued growth as a professional.  Join this session and “get your professional mojo on”.
Presenter: Nikki Russell, CVA


Friday, September 27th, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
The Brockey Center
South Seattle College
6000 16th Ave SW, Seattle

Registration for the 2019 VAN Conference is open! Click here to register!


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