Presenters and Session Details

Introducing the Presenters, and their workshops, for the 2018 Conference!

“The Places Your Volunteers Are Hiding”
Discover ways to find new volunteers for your organization. This session will dive deep into how to find new sources for volunteer recruitment, create volunteer experiences and determine if volunteers are the right fit for your organization. Learn how to meet the needs of your organization while exceeding the needs of your volunteers.
Presenter: Amy Faulkner, The World is Fun

“Create the Best Volunteer Experience Ever!”
Every volunteer is unique and brings with them their own individual wants, needs, and strengths. Learn how to apply simple motivational model for determining where in your organization a volunteer fits best, what strengths and challenges they might bring with them, and how best to address any conflicts that might arise. By matching the right person to the right position and the right working group, as well as offering meaningful recognition, you will create an ideal volunteer experience that will keep your volunteers around for years to come!
Presenter: Marjorie Trachtman, Bellevue Police Department
“Engaging & Supporting Volunteers with Mental Health Conditions”
1 in 5 adults in the U.S. experience a mental illness, but stigma and misinformation still abound. In this interactive workshop we will go over some simple tools, practical strategies, and next steps for volunteer managers to help create an organizational culture that welcomes and supports volunteers with mental health conditions.
Presenters: Katie Mahoney & Amina Mohamud, NAMI Seattle

“Transactional to Transformational Volunteer Experiences: For Us, For Them, For Our Communities”
Volunteers choose us. Are we making the most of genuinely engaging with them? What does that mean anyway? Do they see themselves as part of the bigger picture? Why does that matter? This interactive session will focus on taking the leap from every day, transactional work with volunteers to that which is truly transformational. We’ll talk through practical and strategic steps your organization can take to start engaging volunteers who aren’t just helpers, but champions.
Presenter: Christine Stansfield, Sno-Isle Libraries

“Increasing Organizational Volunteer Engagement Capacity”
Learn and discuss strategies and tools for increasing your organization’s capacity to engage volunteers in ways that are meaningful to volunteers, support the volunteer engagement professional and further the organization’s mission. In this session, we will examine factors affecting organizational capacity building and share/discuss in small group opportunities for expanding volunteer engagement.
Presenter: Patrick Tefft, City of Kirkland

 “Group Engagement – from Dread to Glory”
Ever had a volunteer group repaint the same fence two years in a row? Does your ED provide your volunteer program with all the resources it deserves? Want to make your way to the senior leadership team? Are you super passionate about your work and an optimist? If your answer to these questions is Yes, No, Maybe, and Yes – this workshop is for you! Learn how you can turn volunteer group engagement into a game changer for your organization. Become indispensable and make your volunteer program the focus of your board’s next strategic planning retreat. Well, at minimum as important as the development part.
Presenters: Ania Beszterda-Alyson and Sean McManus, Seattle Public Schools

 “Race Equity in Volunteer Leadership – Starting from the Top”
“Race Equity” are buzzwords implying we are about to talk of race and its influence on the societal structures and systems we encounter each day.  In this context, we will explore the obstacles to recruiting people of color in Volunteer leadership positions.  We will introduce tools to help recruit, grow, and sustain diverse volunteer leaders.  A small group activity will provide the group with insight, confidence, and commitment to move forward on a plan.
Presenter: Esperanza Borboa, Eastside Legal Assistance Program

 “2018 Volunteer Background Screening Insights & Best Practices”
In this session, results and insights will be shared from Verified Volunteers 2018 Screening Trends & Best Practices Research Report, a collaboration with Points of Light, the global leader dedicated to volunteer service.
Presenter: Kimberly Chochon, Verified Volunteers

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