2013 Workshop Descriptions

VAN 2013 Conference workshop descriptions:

Tending the Fire: Who is the Person in the Profession?

By Terry Chadsey of the Center for Courage and Renewal

Using the Circle of Trust® approach, Terry will guide us to reflect on our roles as volunteer administrators: what fuels our best work and what dampens it. This workshop will use readings and open questions to engage us to consider our jobs in new ways and a simple process of listening to the experiences of each other.

The Agile Leader: Harnessing the Powers of Improvisation, Resiliency & Collaboration

by Leif Hansen of Spark Interaction

We live in turbulent times, times in which the rate of change only keeps accelerating. A mind at play, especially when collaborating with others, is a mind that can joyfully & creatively ‘recycle’ whatever challenges it encounters. Come experience how to grow an agile attitude, one that will help you thrive amidst whatever challenges come your way. Participants will receive a free copy of his new ebook “The Improvisational Organization”.

Keeping the flame alive 

by Marjorie Trachtman of the City of Bellevue Police Dept.

Why did you become a volunteer manager? What makes you good at it? What gets you really excited about your job? In the daily grind it’s easy to lose sight of your purpose. Rediscover why you love your work and how to sustain that feeling over the long haul.  You’ll learn to spot the signs of burnout and what to do to regain balance. You’ll make use of a personality trait inventory, and compare it to job definition.  The outcome will be a deeper appreciation of your leadership role and a renewed sense of purpose.

 Background Screening for Effectiveness

by WendiLee MacLeod of Volunteers of America Western Washington

Volunteer placement begins with screening: background checks and other methods are key processes by which the manager of volunteers comes to understand the motivations, needs, talents, skills, experience, background and availability of the potential volunteer.  Security screening is vital to ensure that the volunteer does not pose a risk to him/herself, staff, clients or the agency at large in a given volunteer role.  Together we will review best-practices for background screening; explore available methods for screening applicants including both cost and no-cost options; share resources and success stories.    The degree of formality of the screening and interviewing processes varies according to the type and risk level associated with a given role.  Tools and activities will be provided to help volunteer managers assess their own organization’s needs and capacity for screening volunteers effectively.  We will review additional screening methods such as interviewing and reference checks.

The Vexing Volunteer: Divas, Donalds, and Drama Queens (or Kings)

by Marjorie Trachtman of the City of Bellevue Police Dept.

Let’s be honest: some volunteers are just difficult. They try your patience and management skills even though they do great work. Are they worth the trouble? Learn what these volunteers can teach you about leadership and how you can effectively manage them without losing your mind!

Working with Teenagers

By Hollianne Monson of YWCA

This workshop will take a look at the do’s and don’ts of working with teenagers, how to engage teenagers in your program, how to motivate them, and how to communicate with them. Participants can come with their questions about working with teenagers. There will be some hands-on activities to help participants practice working with teenagers.

Engaging Staff in Supervising, Retaining and Motivating Volunteers

By Janelle Kitson of Hopelink

Have you ever said, or heard a coworker say, “I don’t want to use a volunteer for this project.  Volunteers are too much work!”  This workshop will explore how to teach your staff the benefits of working with volunteers, how to communicate with volunteers, and how to manage and retain volunteers.  Participants can come with their questions about staff engagement.

Extreme Makeover: Transforming Your Volunteer Engagement Efforts

by Nichola Russell of United Way of King County

Got impact? Join us to examine the “how” and “why” of strategic engagement and learn three essential steps to transform you volunteer involvement efforts and increase your organizations capacity to engage volunteers for impact

A Dialogue between Corporate and Non-profit Volunteer Managers

by Louis Mendoza of the Corporate Volunteer Council

This workshop will begin with a panel presentation from 3 managers of corporate employee volunteer programs, explaining the focus of their program and how they establish relationships with non-profit organizations.  This will be followed by a facilitated conversation between the panel and the audience.  The goal is to have the participants walk away with a clearer understanding of the perspective and needs of their counterparts in the non-profit or for-profit volunteer manager role.

Building an Inclusive and Diverse Volunteer Base

By Anh Vo of Collective Leadership

As client populations are changing, the need for an organizations’ volunteer base to reflect their client population increase.  The workshop provides a space for participants to become more aware of the Diversity and Inclusion issues affecting volunteers of today, provide opportunities for discussion and learning for leaders to hold conversations around racial equality, inclusion, and micro-inequities in the “work place” and its effects on the client and volunteer.

Say What? Communicating to Lead and Inspire

By Jennifer Teeler of Susan G. Komen Puget Sound

As a volunteer leader, do you want to convey an idea or inspire a movement? This workshop will include practical tips and strategies for communicating in a way that inspires and motivates those around you, whether volunteers, coworkers or even your own supervisor. Together, we will look at communications research and best practices and translate these ideas into practical steps anyone can take to improve their communications skills and avoid common pitfalls.

Workshop 1- 10:00 – 11:15 a.m.

  • Tending the Fire – Chadsey (Ballroom)
  • Vexing Volunteer – Trachtman (Atrium)
  • Say What? Communicating –Teeler (Casey 516)
  • CVC – Corporate Volunteer Council – Mendoza (Commons)

Workshop 2 – 11:30 – 12:45

  • Keeping the Flame Alive – Trachtman (Atrium)
  • Engaging Staff – Kitson (Casey 516)
  • Extreme Make over –  Russell (Commons)
  • Background Checks – MacLeod (Ballroom)

Workshop 3 – 2:15 – 3:30 p.m.

  • The Agile Leader – Hanson (Ballroom)
  • Working with Teens – Monson (Atrium)
  • Inclusive and Diverse Volunteer Corp – Anh Vo (Commons)

Workshop locations: Campion Ballroom; Casey Atrium, Casey Commons, and Casey room 516.

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