Workshops and Handouts

Workshops and Handouts

Stay tuned for presenter powerpoints and other great handouts!*

Volunteer Recruitment & Onboarding: Risk Management, Patrick Tefft

Risk Management – Resources, Patrick Tefft

White People Serving Communities of Color, Scott Rice and Cammie Carl

Exercising an Organization’s Mission and Values to Make Deeper Connections, Jenny Woods and Danie Allinice

Volunteer Accountability: Conflict Resolution and Difficult Conversations, Alex Ropes and Sarah Bustad

*Handouts and/or powerpoints will be available until Friday, November 29th. These are meant to be used as training references for individuals that attended the 2019 VANNW Conference. If you would like one of these workshops to be presented for your organization, please contact so that you may be connected with the presenter. Thank you!

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