VAN News

VAN News

Want to know what’s going on with VAN?  The VAN Committee will now be sending out monthly updates about what’s happening inside the organization. Look for updates about the steering committee, membership and much more.

Changes to the Steering Committee
Erin Stockdill is going to be refocusing her professional energies on fund raising as she shifts to a new position with Food Lifeline. Erin has been a tremendous asset to VAN, bringing vision, strong organizational skills, and diligence to her work as VAN treasurer, to the website development, to setting up conference registration and to much more.  We will miss you Erin!

Anthony Bohn will be taking over as treasurer. Anthony, Volunteer Program Manager with Lifelong AIDS Alliance, is a newer member of the VAN Steering Committee but has leaped right in.

Scholarships are Available
Scholarships are still available for the conference thanks to sponsorship from the United Way of King County. Click on the link and then download the application.

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