Volunteers are not employees, so what?

VAN Logo - largeSquareVolunteers are not employees and should not be treated as such. Volunteers, by their nature, tend to have a less formal, casual relationship with the organisation that engages them and tend not to be remunerated for their services. Employees onother hand, tend to have a formal contract of employment in place and are subject to
particular duties and tasks which they are obliged to perform at specified times, in return for remuneration. In between these two categories are “workers”, who have lesser employment protection than “employees”, but more than genuine volunteers. It is important that the contractual documentation, and the nature of the way in which the volunteer performs their services, reflects the fact that the individual is engaged as a volunteer and not an employee. If a volunteer is treated like an employee, they may be deemed as such and benefit from the enhanced rights and protections available to employees.

Lisa Yeager will lead a peer to peer discussion at her organization the Sno-Valley Senior Center in Carnation. Bring your lunch for this intriguing conversation from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 22nd. RSVP to Lisa at Lisay53@yahoo.com for directions. Write RSVP VAN in the subject line. (Note the new day as it is not our usual Professional Gathering day of Thursday). Lisa will have some handouts but won’t have all the answers! This is a peer to peer discussion so we can all learn from each other. (Handouts will be posted to this blog post-event.)

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About Lisa Yeager

Lisa Yeager has more than 15 years experience in Volunteer Management. She has lead volunteers at the Bellevue Art Museum, WACAP, Hopelink, Encompass, Autism Speaks (Walk Now for Autism), and the Sno-valley Senior Center. She has won the DuFort Award for Volunteer Management, and Program Manager of the Year in 2000. She is currently Treasurer and conference chair for VAN.
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