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VAN Logo - largeSquareVAN NW is very excited about the year ahead! I hope you’ll be part of all of it!

The Steering/Conference Committee is holding a planning meeting before our Professional Gathering on Sept. 29th at United Way of King County from 8:30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. Would you like to grow your leadership skills by joining us in planning for the year ahead?  Just contact Lisa Yeager at  We’re meeting right before our Professional Gathering which will be from 11:30 am – 1:00 pm that day – mark your calendar. (We won’t be having a Professional Gathering in August.)

Do you love to write? We seek a blogger.  Would you be interested in doing some member profiles? It’s easy to ask the person hosting or facilitating the professional gathering to share a bit about themselves and their professional journey.  Or we’d love a short book report on books or articles you’ve read on volunteer management.  Or do you do you usually attend the professional gathering and would be willing to share a summary of what was discussed? Contact Ingrid or Belina at

Are you the hostess with the mostest?  Are you a natural teacher or guide?  We need sites for our professional gatherings – just a room that will fit about 20 people.  Providing drinks and snacks are optional.  Often the host is also the conversation facilitator but they don’t have to be.  So if you love to guide conversations in a group, you may be interested in leading a professional gathering. Our gatherings are not workshops but usually a conversation about a topic of relevance to volunteer managers.  The facilitator comes up with some questions or some starting facts/information to jump start the conversation. The facilitator often chooses the topic but if you are open, we have a list of topics people requested at the conference for you to choose from.  Contact Alex Ropes, our volunteer coordinator, who plans the professional gatherings at Professional Gatherings are usually the last Thursday of the month from 11:30 am – 1:00 pm but there is flexibility in that if you can only host/facilitate on another day.

Also, please take advantage of the resources on this website.  Did you know that you can post job openings at  Just post the position in the comments section.  If you seek a career position – check there for opportunities too!

Please also check out and post on our Linked-in group and Facebook!  It’s a great place to get advice from other volunteer manager on issues and questions  you have.  It’s also a wonderful way to share valuable information you’ve found.  Also, you can follow VAN on Twitter @VAN_NW.


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About Lisa Yeager

Lisa Yeager has more than 15 years experience in Volunteer Management. She has lead volunteers at the Bellevue Art Museum, WACAP, Hopelink, Encompass, Autism Speaks (Walk Now for Autism), and the Sno-valley Senior Center. She has won the DuFort Award for Volunteer Management, and Program Manager of the Year in 2000. She is currently Treasurer and conference chair for VAN.
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